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FAQ - Natural Toothbrush


Q. What exactly is a natural toothbrush?
A. Its a teeth-cleaning twig from various types of trees that has been used for centuries to clean and maintain dental hygiene.

Q. What's so special about using a twig to clean my teeth?
A. The trees from which the natural toothbrush is taken are known to contain a variety of nutrients that are essential for good health:

Nutrients found in the natural toothbrush:
*Vitamin C

Minerals found in the natural toothbrush:
*Sodium, chloride
*Sodium bicarbonate
*Calcium oxides

These nutrients and minerals contribute to whiter teeth, help keep your breath fresh, prevent bad breath, strengthen tooth enamel, and prevent plaque gingivitis and cavities. You won't find these nutrients and minerals in a plastic bristle toothbrush.

Q. What about tea and coffee stains? What about smoking stains?
A. If used regulary the natural toothbrush is effective in removing stains caused from smoking, tea and coffee. Its also great for helping smokers quit! Really it is.

Q. Do you accept international orders for your natural toothbrush?
A. Ofcourse we do! International orders are welcome. Natural Toothbrush has been shipped to the UK and Germany and we offer affordable shipping rates overseas to many countries. So please feel free to place your order.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Very affordable: $1.95 per brush. Order 7 or more brushes and get FREE Shipping.


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